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Stàn Bert Singer - Vita And Exhibitions:

Find below detailed information about Stàn Bert Singer`s vita, exhibitions, and worklist.

Latest news:

2023: Pre-announcement solo exhibition Vienna Center Gallery1503 Sept 2023

2023: Group Exhibition Sugarman Peterson Gallery New Mexico, USA, USA

2023: IGOR-selected-finalist |17th Annual International IGOR Juried Exhibition|023: Group-2023: Luxemburg Art Prize - Pinakothekt - most meritorious artists

2022: IGOR Member

2021: Luxemburg Art Prize - appreciation

2021: Modern Madonnas, Solo Exhibition Vienna

2020: "Faces and Bodies", Group Exhibition Vienna

2019: Replica for "The Lady with the ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci

SBS - Stàn Bert Singer | in 17 Words |

"Who is able to see the dignity of woman - who to preserve it - who to depict it?"


Vienna  - 1984-1996

In architecture, drawing, as well as in painting, which Singer received at the University of Vienna at Karlsplatz, near the Secession, under Prof. Arch. R. Göschl.

Degree as Master, Dipl.-Ing. Architecture 

Artistic education in painting, drawing, partly sculpture / modelling



The main focus of Stàn Bert Singer`s work is the human body and portrait.


"Stàn B. Singer is fascinated by femininity and influenced by the old masters and their painting techniques. His works show the beauty, but also the vulnerability, exploitation, and consumption of women as commodities and 'used'. With the means of painting, he wants to give back to women their dignity—his work is not looking for striking provocation, but more in beauty and appreciation with subtle criticism.”

Themes, Messages, And Theories Behind My Work

Singer`s themes relate to the beauty, eroticism, dignity, and suffering of women. Since ancient times, women have been exploited as commodities as slaves, courtesans, advertising media, and objects of pleasure - commodities. In the present day in countless photos range from erotic to pornography. With His works, whose foundations partly come from erotic internet sites, he would like to refer to this and, with the help of painting, raise the image as a mass commodity to an art object with value and dignity, thus giving the young girls and women back their dignity. 

Of course, this subtle criticism is not the theme of all his paintings - often, Stàn B. Singer is simply concerned with the beauty and grace of the woman.

Artistic approach? (Style, medium, and specific techniques.)

Singer gives a lot of care at the beginning of his works, the subject, the proportion - this all needs a thorough examination - especially in portraiture.
Details and atmosphere are very important in his work. Singer, therefore, developed a technique called the "Dietro Aria" technique, which means "behind the air." It is a kind of sfumato technique; the pictures are detailed but still somehow "blurred," just as natural vision is - Zitat Singer: "In the normal way of seeing there is no "photorealism existing."

Latest Acknowledgements, Press

2021 Interview: Stàn Bert Singer on Modern Madonnas | Arttrado, Robert Heidemann

2021 Luxemburg art prize 2021 appreciation

2021 Robert Heidemann Stàn Bert Singer und Dieter Hanf

2020 Luxury Splash of Art Kamila Krzyzaniak- True Art comes from the ability

2020 Hedi Grager- Stàn Bert Singer: Contemporary Austrian Painter


Stàn’s Vita (Life and Work History) in Chronological:



In Austria near Vienna in a small village.


1984s: Study of architecture and drawing painting at the University of Vienna on Karlsplatz. Near the Secession, under Prof. Arch. R. Göschl. Vienna

1986: Study trip to Venice. Watercolor painting and drawing.

1988: Painting and Drawing Training at the University Karlsplatz Prof. Göschl

Diploma in Architecture - Degree Dipl.-Ing. d. Architecture

Self-Taught Activity Following:

1995: Beginning of the autodidactic approach to the medium of oil

1996: Expressive and abstract works on the act and experimental phase with the medium oil. 

1996: exhibitions in Lower Austria

1998: Continuation of the abstractions

1999: Turning point: turning away from abstraction and devoting attention to figurative painting. Erotic themes and portraits in the focus of interest, resulting in the theme of the erotic portrait.

1999: Beginning studying the so-called "Old Master techniques."

2001: Trip to Malta and study of the paintings of Caravaggio

2002-2009: Portrait and Erotic works in the center of creativity.

Another focus is his so-called "time paintings." Topic: To capture time and movement in painting. In addition, photographs became more and more important in the development or as the basis of the painted motifs. These pictures are not yet online on the homepage - Singer now concentrates exclusively on classical painting.

2009: International activity with collectors and art enthusiasts on linked in and first marketing via online platforms.

2010: "Give them back their dignity" Erotic photo templates serve to create aesthetic oil paintings. Theme: The dignity of the women and girls of the countless erotic sites on the Internet should be given back their dignity with the help of painting SBS: "Give them back their dignity "!

Through the medium of oil, particularly by the Old Master technique, the picture is not just a snapshot or any other nude shot, but by the deliberate debate which image is chosen and in what way it is implemented - the subject is increased. The dignity of the woman is underlined and respected.

2010: Focus is on Portrait and Charismatic of the Woman, as a Portrayed Person. Out of the dark series: 3 oil paintings in old master technique and 3 oil paintings in wiping technique - they seem to appear out of nowhere - out of the darkness.

In addition, private contract works are done.

2012: private exhibition, sales, and private commissions

2012: Participation in NPG National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award London

2012: Art Miami Online (juried)

2012: Exhibition Latte Grande Vienna

2012: MUSA Vienna

2013: Participation in NPG National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award London

Focus on online sales and private orders

2013-2017: Participation in various international competitions such as NPG, ARC, Mall Gallery

2015: Participation in NPG National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award London

2017: Participation in the prestigious competition of the ARC Art Renewal Center of Fine Art. 

2017: Portrait assignments - Women in Greek mythology

2018: Galerie Artinnovation Exhibition Austria Linz

2018: joint exhibition. Represented topic by Stàn Bert Singer: "Women in mythology."

2019: Galerie Representative in planning status with the Vienese Galerie Burn-In Vienna > canceled 

2019: Leonardo da Vinci Experiment: Technical Replica for "The Lady with the ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci in 18 months working time.

2020: Dietro Aria Technique: "Enzhe - Where are you" "Enzhe - I see you."

2020: "The annunciation serial" in Dietro Aria Technique 

2020: "Faces and bodies" Gallery1503 Vienna Solo exhibition

2020: Solo Exhibition by Gallery1503 Vienna "Faces and bodies" Virtually 

2021: NEW Madonnas - EU Tour Exhibition: Exhibition planned for Praha, Germany, and GB, was canceled because of Corona together with fine art photographer Dieter Hanf.

2021: Singulart approved and curated artist

2021: Luxemburg art prize 2021 appreciation

2022: Artfair Cologne 2022

2022: IGOR Member (IGOR = International Guild of Realism)

2022: New Madonna's Project

2022: Gallery1503Artfair Konstanz Group-exhibition with Gallery1503

2023: Luxemburg Art Prize - Pinakothekt - most meritorious artists

2023: IGOR-selected-finalis

2023: Exhibition Sugarman-Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, UNited States



001 Zwei Mädchen am Fenster 1991

002 Girl in the door

003 Roca

004 Vater – Portraitskizze 2007

2006 26 100

2006 20 30

005 Roz am Kahlemberg

006 Time-serie Girl on the beach

007 Roz Studie mit Zöpfe

008 Rozann Piroschka 1

009 Rozanna mit Spiegel Portrait

010 Portrait Skizze Julia 2009

010 Rozanna Time 2009

011 Brohter of the Sphinxface (Studie Manier Carl L. Müller)

012 Time-serie Girl in the Sofa 2009 60 40

013 Time-serie Rozas Time 2009 32 27

014 Selbstportrait Studie (old master beginn) 2008 31 70

015 Blonde Nymphe mit Apfel 2010 24 31

016 Citronen 2010

017 Girl at frame house 2010 43 57

018 Girls at home 2010 57 46

019 Landschaft Korfu 2010

020 Mächen auf der Alm 2010 42 57

021 Time-Serie the Beach 2008 100 40

021 Mädchen und Schaukel 2010 36 65

022 Orientschöne aus 19 Jhd 2010 38 48

023 Piroschka 2 2010 49 29

024 Pointed Girl 2010 29 42

025 Pointed girl in time 2010 29 42

026 Pointed girl standing 2010 29 42

027 Rozanna mit Zöpfe 2010 30 38

028 Selbstportrait Studie (old master beginn) 2010 46 38

029 Time Serie 1 Lion on the sofa 2010 60 40

030 Time Serie 2 Lions on the sofa 2010 60 40

031 Time Serie Girls and Rocks 2010 50 40

032 Time Serie Have some time on the beach 2008 100 50

033 Time Serie lonesome Girl on the beach 2010 80 80

034 Time Serie Time on the sofa (Roca) 2010 100 50

035 Zwei Mädchen in Kairo 2010

 036 Galuk 2011 60 40

037 Galuk and mother 2011 60 40

038 Girl in front of window 2011 100

039 Kasachische Steppe

040 Mädchen am Stuhl

041 Out of the dark -1-triptichon-links-the girl with jewels

042 Out of the dark -2-triptichon-mitte- The face

043 Out of the dark -3-triptichon-rechts-selbst

044 Rosenmädchen

045 Rote Nymphe am Fenster

046 Schwarze Nymphe am Sofa

047 Aktstudie

048 Annette am Holztisch

049 Dark Portrait-1 – internet girl

050 Dark Portrait-2 – internet girl-Roza

051 Dark Portrait-3

052 Girl with jeans

053 Mädchen und schwebender Sessel

054 Skizze junges Mädchen (nude sketch)

055 Portrait Studiewelliges Haar

056 Portraitskizze Zigeunerin

057 Portraitskizze nach Heborn Manier

058 Roza Steppenmädchen

059 W.F. Großvater

060 Victoria

061 Selbstportrait – 1- 2011

062 Selbstportrait – 2- 2011

063 Roza am Sofa in Wien

064 Junges Mädchen Rötelskizze

065 Androgyne/r

066 Victoria Suvorova Portrait

067 Erinnerung an Roza

068 Der Grieche

069 Roza mit Haube

070 Anette Studie

071 Roza Elba 2005

072 Roza Elba Studie 2005

073 Anna

074 Mädchen am Fenster

075 Selbstportrait Studienskizze

076 Leopold Cal Müller (Rozannas skizze) Rückseite

077 Rozanna im Schlafrock

078 Rozanna am Bett vor Blau mit Polster

079 fenst

080 Korfu-2009 Klyfada beach

081 lonsome girl expressinismus

082 Korfu-2009 Klyfada beach – der steg

083 Korfu-2009 Klyfada beach – der Fels

084 Korfu 2011 Der Regenschirm

085 Korfu 2009 Hotel

086 Korfu 2009 Der Srand


088 Salome – John I am only dancing

089 Victoria Zakynthos

090 Vica on chair - 2014 - BUDINSKYGASSE

091 Mädchen vor Zugfenster

092 Roca-last time together

093 Sad Girl at Kahlenberg (Oxana)

094 Andrea C

095 Simon and Pero

096 Face out of the dark 2017

097 Neirede Skizze zu Ölbild

098 Dimitri Corfu 2016-2018

099 Neirede 2 Skizze zu

100 Die Träumende

101 Chloris

102 Did Venus lose the fight against cupid

103 Hygeia

104 Mother and child

105 Woman in Bedroom

106 Corfu Strand von Glyfady 2016-08

107 Amphitrite losing her cloths 2019-03

108 Amphitrite and pieride fighting for the ring 2019-05

109 The nymph 2015

110 Portrait Stefan 2019

111 Frau mit Hermelin 2019- 2020

112 Der Geringste 2019-04

113 Die Suchende

114 Das Mädchen mit dem Halsreif 2019

115 Selbstportrait 2019

116 Der Strand von Glyfady (the secret vortices) 2019

117 Das Mädchen mit der Sanduhr (Konzept) 2019

118 Enzhe - Wo bist du? 2020 Dietro Aria Technique

119 Enzhe - Ich sehe Dich! 2020 Dietro Aria Technique

120 Selbstportrait frontal 2020 Dietro Aria Technique

121 Before the annunciation - The rest 2019 (Serie Annunciation with 5 paintings)

122 After the Annunciation 2019 - (Serie Annunciation with 5 paintings)

123 The Annunciation 2019 - (Serie Annunciation with 5 paintings)

124 Before the annunciation - The Bassin 2020 

125 Girl with water jug Commission

126 Commission The annunciation- The arrival of the angel 

127 Before the annunciation - the window (Serie annunciation with 5 paintings)

128 La affascinante (New Madonnas), Julia Hosa

129 Galina Stukalova Галина Стукалова (New Madonnas) 

130 Self-portrait

131 Ginevra de’ Benci Commission

132 Julia Юлия BelRU Commission (New Madonnas)

133 Julia Hosa Portrait (New Madonnas)

134 Jade (New Madonnas)

135 - The Good by - I go (draft in pencil for the painting)

135 Woman at the door (in working progress)

137 Menetekel



Vienna - 1984-2022

With great pleasure, Stàn takes on commissions for portraits, mythology, nudes, and waterscapes.


God bless You,


Stàn Bert Singer

Vienna Dez 2021

VITA Stàn Bert Singer

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Luxemburg art prize Stàn Bert Singer zertifikat 2021.jpg
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