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Mythological and Nude Painting

Apart from portrait painting, the representation of mythological themes has probably always been one of the most important themes with which painting has dealt and still deals today, although no longer to the same extent as was the case in previous centuries.


For me, mythology and especially Greek mythology is a strong breeding ground for my inspirations, especially regarding the themes of eroticism and the subjugation of women and their exploitation. This starts with "Salome" and reaches to Lot's daughters, to name a few examples.

So here, you will find some examples of my mythological content and nudes. Some of them are for sale and marked accordingly.

Explore How To Commission A Mythological Or Nude Painting

Suppose you are thinking about commissioning a mythological or nude painting or with a mythological background. In that case, I will be happy to advise you on what embodiments are possible and what scene might best fit in your home. If you have any questions about details or need advice, feel free to contact me.

The procedure for commissioning a mythological painting is similar to commissioning a portrait - please see this section of my site.

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