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Dear art lovers,

In the following three sub-pages, you will find information on how to commission a portrait, an oil painting in general or an art replica from Stàn B. Singer.


Whatever exciting project you wish to realise, Stàn is happy to accommodate unconventional commission requests. The essential criterion is quality and time, quality in the execution and enough time to achieve this quality. You can do it in the course of personal sessions in the studio or based on photographs.


In order to realise a high-quality painting, I use the highest quality pigments and an exact definition of the order and the associated time horizon as an essential quality factor.

Here you will find a short overview to give you a rough idea. For more detailed information, please refer to the individual sub-pages.

Commission a portrait painting
Commission a fine art replica

Ala Prima works > approx. 1-3 months depending on size and details

Classic layering > approx. 2-6 months depending on size and details

Dietro Aria technique > approx. 6-12 months depending on size and details

Sfumato technique > approx. 6-12 months depending on size and details

Pencil/charcoal work > 1-4 weeks

Now, if you have decided to commission this as part of a gift, don't hesitate to contact Stàn to describe your intention. Then the time frame, sessions and costs can be agreed.

God bless you

Stàn Bert Singer

Galina pencil study (Commission) - Stàn Bert Singer Portrait painter

I am inviting portrait commissions from my studio in Vienna, Döbling. Döbling is easy to reach by car or by public transport - find out more here or contact me directly:

+43 680 442 4290





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© Copyright Stan Bert Singer I making copies or prints without permition is not allowed I thank you for understanding!

Considerations to keep in mind when commissioning a painting:

1) Who should be portrayed, or what should be depicted in the painting?

2) For what occasion should the painting be commissioned? Is it a formal painting or a private gift - a surprise?

3) And very important, in terms of processing time -what size should the painting be?

4) Where will the finished painting hang? (This is important to determine the size, the pose, the style of the frame and the colors).

5) What is your budget for the painting?

6) When should the painting be finished? Here, it is advisable to plan a time buffer because sometimes changes are desired, and the drying time changes need time.

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