About Stan Bert Singer:

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Stan Bert Singer has an master education in architecture and drawing, as well as in painting, which he received at the University of Vienna at Karlsplatz near the famose Secession. Stàn Bert Singer is a classical Art painter, specialized  in old masters technique and does Portrait Commissions as well as nude paintings and art replicas. 

His focus in painting is the human body, especially the face. A good artist has to be more than just realizing or just expressing himself says Stan Bert Singer about art in generally and in particular about painting.

Unfortunately today the emphasis is only on expressiveness and less on skill. But art, true art comes from ability. A good artist always has 3 qualities: mastership or ability, expression and the dispatch (message).  Today unfortunately only the message counts. For Stan Bert Singer this is too little and too banal, that's why he mostly is painting in an academic approach, or  in a similar way like the old master did. All this experience in these techniques eventually led him to his very own painting technique, so called the "Dietro Aria"- technique.

He receives oil portrait commissions from clients around the globe, and his work is shown in numerous of quality art web sites.

Short statement:


"Who is able to see the dignity of woman - who to preserve it - who to depict it?"


"I am fascinated by femininity and influenced by the old masters and their painting techniques. My works show the beauty, but also the vulnerability, exploitation and consumption of women as commodities and 'used'. With the means of painting, I want to give back to women their dignity - I am not interested in striking provocation, but in beauty and appreciation with subtle criticism."



Themes and theories behind my work:


True art comes from skill, and skill comes from practice and practice.


My themes relate to the beauty, eroticism, dignity and suffering of women. Women have been exploited as commodities since ancient times, as slaves, courtesans, advertising media, objects of pleasure - commodities. In the present day in countless photos ranging from erotic to pornography. With my works, whose foundations partly come from erotic internet sites, I would like to refer to this and, with the help of painting, raise the image as a mass commodity to an art object with value and dignity, thus giving the young girls and women back their dignity.


Of course, this subtle criticism is not the theme of all my paintings - often I am simply concerned with the beauty and grace of the woman.



Artistic approach:


In the beginning there is always the subject, which needs a thorough examination - especially in portraiture. I also try to show the exploitation of women in the portraits, although this is very difficult to do.

Some women represent themselves as consumer objects without even being aware of it, ranging from provocative clothing to plastic surgery.


After the subject, the further development of a picture is a complex and elaborate process of searching for composition and weighing up the proportions in the picture format. Hizu I spend a lot of time.


Details and atmosphere are very important to me.

Dietra Aria technique


I have therefore developed a technique called "Dietra Aria" technique, which means "behind the air".


It is a kind of sfumato technique, where I have taken up the technique of Leonardo da Vinci and tried to develop it further. For this, many layers of painting are used and a kind of "air layer" with its own painting medium. This creates a certain depth of light. The pictures are detailed but still somehow "blurred", just as natural vision is.

In the normal way of seeing there is no photorealism as it is currently fashionable - because every sensory impression only lasts for a moment and is therefore blurred.


The pictures I make in the Dietro Aria technique therefore need a lot of time - several months.



Personal Statement:


"Who is able to see the dignity of women - who is able to preserve it - who is able to depict it?



The first experience with art - What made me want to become an artist?


As a child, at the age of about 10 , even before a first visit to a museum, I began to paint a self-portrait on cardboard squared from a photograph with oil pastels - a first experience between oil paint and drawing technique. Only much later did I learn that quadrature was already used by the old masters.


I hope I was able to give a good insight into my approach.


Stàn Bert Singer

Vienna 2021

Ability and mastership

Only skill and mastery are the prerequisites for a truly masterful work. Therefore I take up the cudgels for all artists who are still interested in true mastery and who take the hard way. Of course, the temptation is simply to grease something on the canvas and sell it for good money. But here there are two deceived people, the artist and the art buyer, who are satisfied with the tepid, when there is much more than just „tepid“ in this world we can achieve.


The expression in the sense of the represented expression and not what the artist wanted to express, but unfortunately cannot be seen on the artwork, is what it is really about. Unfortunately, there are too many artists on the market who would do better to do something else, because this is the only way to explain that many of today's "paintings" are more and more accompanied by attached explanations of what the artist actually meant, or wanted to say, or has to be supplemented. A true masterpiece needs no explanations. The work speaks for itself. If not, the artist would do well to put away his brush. The message is on the picture or not very simple. If it's not on the picture, you need descriptions - then it's bad art, or at least not good art.

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