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Stàn’s Pencil drawing Artworks 

If you are searching for pencil artwork portraits with contemporary realism, then Stàn is one whom you can contact now. He is one of the best contemporary realist painters and does realistic pencil artwork. Whether it is nude paintings or art replicas, he understands the emotions very well. He can draw portraits with 100 percent pencil artwork.

Stan can also do a silver pencil drawing for you. Today there are only a few artists who have mastered this technique. The artist must not make a mistake, because Siber pencil can not be erased. Every stroke must be correct.  It also requires a special primer of the paper to make such a drawing at all possible. See below a few examples.

Find some of his pencil works in the image gallery below. If you want to commission a pencil portrait feel free to get in touch with him.

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