Gallery of Oil Paintings & Painting in Dietro aria technique

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Thank you for your interest about my fine art paintings. Since over 20 years I work as an fine art painter. In the last years I focused on the old master technique and invented my own new technique so called Dietro Aria. Therefore the most shown paintings here are in my new style "dietro aria". It s a kind of sfumato technique, wich i invented in the last years. I hope you enjoy my paintings and of corse I am open for commissions


Dietro aria is a special layer technique combined with a secret oil formula which was invented by me after studying the old masters techniques especially Leonardo da Vincis sfumto technique.This oil formula is without any solvent. I found out that the masteness of the so called old masters lies in the knowledge what to do and how to do it - and not much in the chemical, as many people, even art experts believe in. Sometimes simplicity is the most complex you can find out.

See below 2 Examples which I am workin on it.

all the best and god bless

stan bert singer

© Copyright to pictures by stan bert singer Vienna Vienna 

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