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How To Commission A Portrait Painting

Dear art-lover,


With great pleasure, Stàn would like to give you information and an example of a portrait order based on a photograph.


Stàn works with a fine art photographer on portrait commissions on a project basis. Of course, you can also use your personal photographer. Stàn work`s with an excellent viennese photographer and puts desired subjects into the right picture. Stàn Bert Singer, a master in the old master technique of painting, inspired the photos as a basic concept, creates a masterpiece in oil for eternity.


If you also want to commission an extraordinary gift, you can read some of the advices at this page, and then come back and contact Stàn- and he will be happy to provide you with appointment options and arrange with you in advance the first meeting.


Stàn likes to keep the process for the commissioner as simple as possible. Below is a short description of the procedure for commissioned work:

So below is also some general information about how to commission a painting or a portrait painting. Also, you can commission a fine art replication on request.

The shadow (Pencil Commission) - Pencil and charcoal Example Academic Sketch by Stan Bert Singer
Nelly 2017 (Pencil Commission) - Pencils drawing - Academic Sketch by Stan Bert Singer

Considerations To Keep In Mind When Commissioning A Painting:

1) Who should be portrayed, or what should be depicted in the painting?
2) For what occasion should the painting be commissioned? Is it a formal painting or a private gift - a surprise?
3) And very important, in terms of processing time -what size should the painting be?

4) Where will the finished painting hang? (This is important to determine the size, the pose, the style of the frame and the colors).
5) What is your budget for the painting?
6) When should the painting be finished? Here it is advisable to plan a time buffer, because sometimes changes are desired and due to the drying times changes need time.

Process - Step 1 – Discussion About Scope, Size and Price

First of all, let's arrange a skype call and discuss your vision, budget, ideas and details of the painting. Dimension of the image, number of people, expression.

In the beginning, there will be a photo session with Dieter and Stàn in his studio in Vienna. Or, if you like, in your home, garden or somewhere else, depending on the Sujet. 


Once Stàn has a full picture of your portrait project, he can give you a simple, no-obligation price and a possible delivery date. After that, we should agree on a price and the details. You will receive a short contract stating the essentials and a deposit from you (usually 35%, which is non-refundable). After that, we can get started.


The duration of a commissioned portrait and the approach depends greatly on the complexity of the work. Usually, it can take several months.

Galina pencil study (Commission) - Stàn Bert Singer Portrait painter

I am inviting portrait commissions from my studio in Vienna, Döbling. Döbling is easy to reach by car or by public transport - find out more here or contact me directly:

+43 680 442 4290





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Dimitry (Oil commission) Example Academic Painting by Stan Bert Singer
Stefan (OIl Commission) Example Academic Painting by Stan Bert Singer
© Copyright Stan Bert Singer I making copies or prints without permition is not allowed I thank you for understanding!

Process - Step 2 – Photo Session

So before you commit to details, let's schedule the photo session by phone or skype - this is the next step in beginning your portrait project. It is a great advantage to have a set of professional portrait photos as a basis for the oil portrait.

Stàn Bert Singer Photo session portrait Painting La affascinante
Stàn Bert Singer Photo session portrait Painting La affascinante
Stàn Bert Singer Photo session portrait Painting La affascinante
Stàn Bert Singer Photo Session portrait Painting La affascinante

Process - Step 3 - Starting the Painting

With ongoing communication during and after the photo session, we will finalize the details for the painting. Using Dieter`s photos, we can experiment with different sections. Stàn and Dieter are also happy to offer assistance in choosing the setting, wardrobe, pose and lighting for the subject of the painting.​


Now Stàn will start with the painting - mostly in a grisaille or umbra tone.

You will receive the first draft of this to get a general idea about it.

At this stage, corrections still can be made.


It is not just the way Stàn paints on wood or canvas that makes him a renowned portrait painter, but also how he sees, arranges, composes and interprets the subject and how he "feels" the right thing.

Stàn now continues to work step by step with you carefully on an ongoing basis to ensure that your painting becomes a true, classic portrait that captures both the likeness and spirit of the subject.


If you can't have a professional photo session, Stàn will consider working from your high-quality photos.

Portrait sessions are welcome if requested by the sitter(s).

La affascinante - working procedure Layers and underpainting
La affascinante - Grisaille underpainting
La affascinante - finished painting after 10 months

Finished painting working process: 10 months. 60x80cm

La affascinante - Detail face in working status
La affascinante - Detail cloths

Process - Step 4 - Completion of the Portrait| Details & Price

All oil paintings by Stàn Bert Singer are painted on solid wood in elaborate old-master pre-priming.


The price for the professional portrait photo sessions is starting about 500.- euros per session/ about 2-3 hours, plus travel expenses if the session in our studio is not possible for the person(s) to be portrayed.

Stàn like to express once again that you are also welcome to use your own photographer - however, the cooperation with Dieter has proven very successful.


The price for a finished portrait painting is usually between $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the complexity, size and agreed upon work technique.

After completion of the painting (usually 3 to 8 months, depending on complexity), the full amount is due before shipping. Your unframed portrait will be shipped, delivered or can be picked up at my studio in Vienna.


The cost of shipping or delivery is the responsibility of the customer.

La affascinante - Detail cloths

Almost finished painting
working prozess: 9 months

La affascinante - Detail cloths
La affascinante - Detail face finished


Examples Academic Sketch

Vica Pencils drawing Example Academic Sketch by Stan Bert Singer

Price for academic sketch:
starting at € 2.500.- 

Example 29,7 x 39,5cm

Nelli 2017 Pencil on Paper Vica Pencils drawing Example Academic Sketch by Stan Bert Singer
Pencil and charcoal Example Academic Sketch by Stan Bert Singer

Examples Academic Portrait

Price: starting at € 4.500.- 

Example 38,5 x 33,5cm

Dimitry Example Academic Painting by Stan Bert Singer
Vica  Example Academic Painting by Stan Bert Singer
Stefan  Example Academic Painting by Stan Bert Singer

Examples "Dietro Aria Technique" & Sfumato

Price for Dietro Aria Technique
starting at € 25.000.- 

Exactly Price for your Portrait: on request, depending on Details, Hands, Cloths etc.

Enzhe Example Dietro Aria Technique by Stan Bert Singer
Enzhe Example Dietro Aria Technique by Stan Bert Singerhe - Where are you_

Example "Fine art replica"

Lady with the Ermine Example for Sfumato Technique by Stan Bert Singer

Price fon request, depending on dimension, painting technique, details 

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