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of master painter Stàn Bert Singer

Find below the latest news abou SBS`s artistic work, current exhibitions or events. 

2023/12 - 2024/01
Leonardo`s Sfumato Technique Unveiled:
A Masterfal Replication by Stàn Bert Singer
Autor: Kamila Krzyzaniak
Luxury Splash of Art Magazine

PRESSE Luxury Splash of Art 2024 Leonardo Replica-0.jpg

 2024-06  Faces & Nudes Soloexhibition in Vienna City Center
Sales Exhibition: More Details will be shown soon Preregister here for a free place

Xmas Atelier-Sales 20.12.2023, Vienna

 2023-06  2.6.2023 to 26.6.2023 Sugarman - Peterson Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sales Exhibition: For more Details look at the IGOR-site

 2023-03  IGOR-selected-finalist |17th Annual International IGOR Juried Exhibition|
Stan Bert Singer was chosen as one of the finalists after two selection processes and his work
"Enzhe -where ara you?" will be on display for sale at Sugarman - Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 2-26.

0118 Enzhe - Where are you? Stan Bert Singer 2020

 2022-07  Artfair Konstanz Group-exhibition with Gallery1503

 2022-04  IGOR International Guild of Realism -       Stàn is a new Member of the guild

Stàn is pleased and proud to announce that he has been accepted as a new member of IGOR. IGOR "Recognizes the best realists working today". He is glad that his work has been appreciated and especially that Realistic Art, despite the mainstream, is in a time of revival. Take a look at the selected work by IGOR.

What IGOR says about themselfs: For us, "realism" ranges from the classical based upon traditional, academic-style painting to the contemporary where cutting edge techniques and a wide variety of subject matter are used to comment on today's world. Our members represent a wonderful spectrum of styles including (but not limited to) Trompe l'Oeil, photorealism, surrealism, and super-realism.

The International Guild of Realism was founded by a group of leading professional realism artists from around the globe in 2002 with four goals:

  • Recognize the best realists working today.

  • Create gallery and museum exhibition opportunities.

  • Provide advertising and marketing support for IGOR members.

  • Offer a bridge between art collectors and the highest quality realist art, created by our members.

We know that as greater numbers of art lovers have access to high-quality realism, the value of these paintings will increase — not just in monetary terms, but in appreciation, understanding, and international attention.

For art collectors, we have juried exhibitions in museums and galleries that span as many aspects of realism as possible, providing incredible panoramas of international work. For museums, we curate themed exhibitions that capture a snapshot of where realism is today. For fellow artists, we gather and share information about workshops conducted by members, and magazine features about realism techniques. It is our passion and our privilege to continuously grow and share this beautiful art form.

 2021  A Look At Art Magazine: Issue 1 
Art Historian: P
atrick QUENUM (Autor) 

A Look At Art Magazine Issue 1.png

 2022-03  Artfair Cologne 2022

A few impressions about my participation at  Artfair Cologne in collaboration with Gallery1503. Purchase my works through Gallery1503.

2022 Discovery Art Cologne Stàn Bert Singer.jpeg

Stan Bert Singer hanging his painting

"Enzhe - I see you". To the left the painting "La Affascinante" and to the right "Galina".

Photos courtesy of Gallery1503.

Veröffentlicht am 4. November 2021 von Robert Heidemann


God bless You,

Stàn Bert Singer

Presse Stan Bert Singer 2021 Modern Madonnas.jpg

2021 Art fair | "New Madonnas" | sign up for VIP invitation | > do to Corona sheduled to 2022

 2020 The Luxury Splash of art Magazine 

I am very pleased that the well-known magazine Luxury Splash of Art invited me for an interview. My very special thanks go to Ms Kamila Krzyzaniak 
Editor and Chief/Founder at Luxury Splash Of Art Magazine. She has a great sense for current topics in the field of art, culture and luxury.


Many thanks to you dear Kamila.

God bless You,

Stàn Bert Singer

Interview Luxury Splash of art dez 2020.
2020 Nov The Lady with the Ermine | 
An approach | Replica and Interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci|

As you may have seen when reading through my site, Leonardo da Vinci is one of my pioneers who influenced my work. Where can you learn if not from the great and the great. And who would be greater than Leonardo? So have a look at the short film, if you like, and see the important information about this picture and this experiment on its own subpage.

<<  Click hier for Sound!

I am very pleased that Hedi Grager gave me the opportunity to present my art and my thoughts about my works and about art and mastery in general in the course of an interview. 

Many thanks to you dear Hedi Grager!

God bless You,

Stàn Bert Singer

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-21 um
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-21 um
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