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Date: 20.dez. 2023

1190 wien Sollingergasse 25, door 5

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 2023-03  IGOR-selected-finalist |17th Annual International IGOR Juried Exhibition|

Stàn Bert Singer was chosen as one of the finalists after two selection processes and his work
"Enzhe -where ara you?" took part at Sugarman - Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sales information here at IGOR or Sugerman-Peterson-Gallery

0118 Enzhe - Where are you? Stan Bert Singer 2020

Classical Art painter

Specialized  in old masters technique

Portrait Commissions

Renaissance Painting Techniques

Nude paintings

Art replica

IGOR approved Member

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Classical Paintings In Old Masters Technique & Dietro Aria Technique

I am burning for everything with the highest quality, and therefore I am a great admirer of the old masters and, in general, the classical way of painting. For years, I have learned more and more every day from the masters and got specialized in the old master's technique as well as in the renaissance technique.

So here is a big welcome to you on my page, and I hope you will find joy and inspiration in my paintings. I have a classical academic education in art and architecture, which I received at the university in Vienna Karlsplatz near the famous Sezession. Vienna and my art teacher gave me great inspiration. But I also tripped to Venice, Malta, and St. Petersburg, where I found a lot of insights into the paintings of masters like Caravaggio, Raffael, Titian, Botticelli, Bellini. Just to name a few and the Italian Renaissance generally, particularly in the way Leonardo da Vinci was painting.

Over the years, Leonard has always given me new clues and lessons to develop and learn. Only through close observation and persistent practice and improvement can mastery be achieved. Everything else remains superficial and shallow - not to mention abstract painting, for which I pay no tribute.

That's why I invite you to take a look at my Leonardo da Vinci Experiment, which took me over 18 months of hard work to get this painting done. I have dedicated a separate sub-page to this project on the home page, and a film is being planned.

Also, be invited to learn about the Dietro Aria technique, which I invented, and further develop Leonardo da Vinci's Sfumato technique.

Feel free to contact me for commissioned work in the areas of portraiture or other subjects. 

You found the right place if you are interested in the field of old masters technique or searching for an artist who can do a portrait in old master's technique. Therefore you are welcome to contact me and visit my studio in Vienna. Here I am making portraits, nude paintings, water, and fine art replicas on request. The painting shown on the site is only a small range of my paintings. If interested in a commission, please look at this link.

Also, learn more about the Dietro aria technique and checkout my portfolio for my paintings made in this new technique. SBS is working as a famous portrait painter with clients around the globe and looks forward to furthering exciting portrait projects.

I am inviting portrait commissions from my studio in Vienna, Döbling. Döbling is easy to reach by car or by public transport - find out more via Google map or contact me directly:

+43 680 442 4290





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Dignity of woman - erotic - exploitation | Modern Madonnas |

The dignity, vulnerability, beauty and exploitation of women is one of my main themes in my work. Not through superficial and striking provocation us shock images, but through the elevation of the woman to the symbol of beauty, goodness and warmth. "Give them back their dignity"

Since 2020 I was working on the new traveling exhibition called "Modern Madonnas," which will be shown in the most important cities in Europe on on my sales happenings.

stan bert singer contact:
Weinberggasse  1190 Wien, Österreich

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