Stan Bert Singer

Fine art portrait painter Vienna

0115 Selbstprotrait BP Portrait Award fi
Archived Oil Paintings by Stan Bert Singer
pencil works by Stan Bert Singer

Classical paintings in old masters technique & Dietro Aria Technique

The Dietro Aria Technique:

Find out about ols masters technique and discover my new paintings. If you are interested in the field of old masters technique or searching for an artist which can do a portrait in old masters technique, you are are welcome to get in contact with me. I am doing portraits, nude, water and fine art replicas on request. At the page there is only a small range of my paintings. If interested in a commission please lookt at this link.

Find out about my dietro aria technique and look here for my paintings made in this new technique.

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stan bert singer contact: Adresse: Wien 1190 Wien Sollingergasse

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