Commission a Portrait

The commissioning of a portrait is a journey in close connection and cooperation between the artist and the sitter.


In my approach of portrait painting I try to keep the working process as efficient and profitable as possible.

Therefore I prefer the following procedure, which depends on the subject and the stile wanted (one person, several people, background etc., when do the persons have time)

Getting to know each other - clarification of the main points:
It is extremely important to get to know each other personally and exchange information about whom the painting is intended for, for what occasion, what size it should be, in what style it should be painted, when it should be finished, where it will be hung, etc. These are all essential factors to create a basic concept for the painting.


Usually 5-10 sessions

are necessary depending on the size of the painting and the number of people.


- 1st meeting - Composition

First personal meeting. Search for the desired composition and pose of sitter and theme, light and shadow. In the process I make sketches and possibly some photos. Duration about 1-3 hours depending on the picture.

- 2nd meeting - sketches and photos
Sketches and photos are created. I prefer a mixture of live sittings and photos, because in my experience this is the most efficient way. During live sittings I control light and shadow, expression and the general appearance and effect, whereas the photos allow me to check the details.

2-5 hours 

- 3rd meeting - "The Carton"
Discussion of the "carton", this is the first sketch, which is made on cardboard or paper and then transferred to the canvas. This is an essential appointment, as all the important points of the composition are fixed here and should not be changed later.

1-2 hours

- 4th meeting: 
Presentation of the Umbra execution and briefing

1-2 hours

5th meeting:
Presentation of the first colour application/layer and intermediate discussion

1-2 hours, or online

6th meeting: 60% of completion
Presentation of the image after various color applications and/or layers, and intermediate discussion
This is a very important date, as minor changes can still be made here without extrem much effort, and the image is already recognizable as such to the layperson.

1-3 hours depending on the picture

7th meeting: preliminary presentation
The picture is 95% finished and it can be discussed about last glazes.

1-3 hours depending on the picture

 Price I Hand over I Duration until completition
Handover of the finished picture to the client. Shipping or delivery is also possible, but I would prefer a personally hand over.



The price for an academic picture starts at €4.500. (40x53cm as an example) Depending on the format and number of persons, details etc. up to € 50.000.
Duration until completion: approx. 3-9 months depending on details an size.

The price for a painting in Dietro Aria technique starts at €9.000. (40x53cm as an example) Depending on the format and number of people, details etc. 
Duration until completion: approx. 6-12 months

Oil Painting in Dietro Aria Technique / Old masters Technique by Stand Bert Singer Number:100 Die Träumende

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