Painting technique Dietro aria!

The meaning ist something like behind air. All my new paintings are made with this very time intensive technique. Its a lot of transparent layers with only a view pigments, between a layer of only oil on a little specially formula containing white....creating an air like illusion. Unfortunately, the medium Internet is not the appropriate place to illustrate this technique. The displays of a computer are not able to show it realistically.


However for an first impression you can find out more in my online examples.

Old master technique

With great pleasure every day I am learning more about how good the so called Old masters did their work. Of corse there is a progress in everything, but one thing will always be the same: Its quality, and you can see it in the works.

All my works are created with great dedication to composition, technique and the highest quality painting pigments.

Find here an example of an old masters replica which I am currently working on it. The Lady with the ermine from Leonardo da Vinci.