0111 The Lady with the ermine 
Payment information / possibilities:
1) Cash payment upon collection of the painting
2) paypal:  stan-bert-singer@mail.com
3) Bank Transfer
4) Visa Mastercard on request
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Information: Replic after Leonardo da Vinci
40,8 x 54,9 cm Oil on poplar wood
Stan Bert Singer created betweeen 2019 - 2020
Status: finished price: on request

Information about the painting:

If you have made it to this page, you are a true art lover. So I'll spare myself a big talk about Leonardo da Vinci and his painting technique. Just this much: I have spent several months researching and finding the best possible sources about the history of the painting's origin. The painting was replicated to the exact size of the original, without frame - on wood, of course. 


It was not the intention to make a copy, but to show Leonardo's work as far as possible in the condition it might have looked like at the time of its creation - without all the blemishes that were added by various restorers in the past. Black background, deformation of the right shoulder, addition of red to the lips by restorers, etc.

Status of the picture:

The painting is now finished and framed behind a conservational glas, which darkens the painting al little in my point of view. So you can see at the right side the painting framed without glas and a comparison of framed and not framed.

However the painting should be varnished not before 6/2022 until the oil has reached a drying status, that allows to put on a varnish.


Sale of the painting: 

The painting awaits an adequate offer and can be viewed in my studio by appointment for the purpose of pre-examination.

god bless you,

Stan Bert Singer


Finished painting Dez.2020
Without glas
With glas protection
© Copyright Stan Bert Singer I making copies or prints without permition is not allowed I thank you for understanding!
Finished painting Dez.2020


Some Fotos of the working procedere:


I worked on the painting in countless sittings layer over layer.

See below a smal range of the working procedere.

yours Stan Bert Singer

Detail: 14.6.2020
Status: 65% finished 
0111 o31 Frau mit Hermelin Doku
Status: 75% finished 
0111 Frau mit Hermelin.jpg
Status: 90% finished 
Date of Foto: 10.8.2020
0111 Frau mit Hermelin Doku 2020-02-16.
Status: 58% finished 
0111 099 Vergleichsstudie o1 2020 06 19.
Comparative study:
left: Original center: Color-cleaned Right: Replica 65% processing status