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Cash payment/picture 0124/15.000.- Euro

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The annunciation serial
There will be 5 paintings
121 Before the annunciation - The rest - finished - In the consideration phase of a collector
124 Before the annunciation - The basin - finished - for sale
127 Before the annunciation - The window - not finished - for sale/presale
128 The annunciation - The arrival of the angel - in concept phase - reservation/commission possible
129 After the annunciation - The Light - in concept phase - reservation/commission possible
0124 The annunciation - The Bassin
Inspired by Leonardo`s The Annuniciation
39,5 x 53,9 cm Oil on poplar wood
it will be a serial work of 5 paintings.
Status: finished
price: 15.000€

The painting is finishes as, but it needs to be varnished not before 6/2021


0124 DOKU 14 GUT FOT1664 (1).jpg
The painting was done in dietro aria technique and has this mystic atmosphere. Its done in a lot of layers with a specially formular - details are visable and at the same time not really visabel.


0124 DOKU 2 GUT FOT1025.JPG
0124 DOKU 4 GUT FOT1036.jpg