011 The Brother of the Sphinxface
Inspired by the painting "Ein Sphinxgesicht"
50,0 x 70,0 cm Oil on canvans
Stan Bert Singer created betweeen 2009
Status: 100% finished price: 12.000€

Information about the painting:

This is a Painting is one of my first painting which I made in "normally" oil painting technique. It is inspired by Leopold Carl Müller, and the orient painting of the 1End of the 19th century.


Status of the picture:

The painting is 100% complete. It has already a light varnish put on 11/2020


Sale of the painting: 

If you are an art lover of the orient painting period this is the right choice for you.

Exact purchase modalities, down payments after agreement.


Stan Bert Singer


Brother of sphinxface.JPG
Payment information / possibilities:
1) Cash payment upon collection of the painting
2) paypal:  stan-bert-singer@mail.com
3) Bank Transfer
4) Visa Mastercard on request

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Cash payment/picture 011/12.000.- Euro

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