0118 Enzhe - Wo bist Du?
Inspired by the painting The Lady of the ermine
39,5 x 53,0 cm Oil on poplar wood
Stan Bert Singer created between 2019 - 2020
Status: finished 2020  price: 35.000€

Information about the painting:

This is a Painting which I started at the same time with the replica of The Lady with the ermine. It is made in a kind of  sfumato technique, I call it "dietro aria", which describes my special technique in a better way - also its different to the sfumato technique. The model is a Russian Tartarian student of architecture, a good friend of mine. It took as several hours to find the right composition of the body and hands. If you are interested in Proportions and main points in a painting, take a closer look and maybe you find out the secrets about it.


My intention in this painting was to create a timeless but modern version of a classically portrait of a young woman.


Status of the picture:

The painting is finishes as already mentioned, but it needs to be varnished not before 6/2021


Sale of the painting: 

The painting is awaiting an offer.  If you are a fan of the sfumato technique and prefer an original and not a replica, then this painting is the right masterpiece for you.

God bless you,

Stan Bert Singer

0118 Enzhe - Where are you?


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0118 detail 1.JPG
Work process
Enzhe - Wo bist Du?.JPG
Information:  Status 12 2019
0118 Doku 23.jpg
Information:  Status 04 2020