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0111 o31 Frau mit Hermelin Doku FOT1689
o111  The Lady with the ermine 
40,9x55,0 Oil on Wood 2020

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0119 Enzhe Ich sehe Dich!
o119  Enzhe - I see you!
39,5 x 53,0 Oil on Wood 2019
0118 Enzhe - Wo bist Du? by Stan Bert Singer Doku 25.jpg
o118  Enzhe - Where are you?
39,5 x 53,0 Oil on Wood 2019
Brother of sphinxface.JPG
011 The brother of the Sphinxface
50,0 x 70,0 Oil on Canvas 2009
Salome - John I am only Dancing by Stan Bert Singer.jpg.jpg
088 Salome - John I am only dancing
50,0 x 70,0 Oil on board  2016
0124 DOKU 14 GUT FOT1664 (1).jpg
0124 Bevore the Annunciation - The Bassin 
39,5 x 53,0 Oil on Wood 2020
0121 Doku 20 FOT1692 GUT 1.jpg
0121 Bevore the Annunciation - The rest
78,9 x 59,8 Oil on board  2019
0127 Bevore the Annunciation - The Windo
© Copyright Stan Bert Singer I making copies or prints without permition is not allowed I thank you for understanding!
Der Strand von Glyfada.jpfg.jpg
0116 The beach of Glyfada (the secret vortices)
70,0 x 50,0  Oil on board  2019

© Copyright to pictures by stan bert singer Vienna Vienna 

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