The annunciation serial
There will be 5 paintings
121 Before the annunciation - The rest - finished - In the consideration phase of a collector
124 Before the annunciation - The basin - finished - for sale
127 Before the annunciation - The window - not finished - for sale/presale
128 The annunciation - The arrival of the angel - in concept phase - reservation/commission possible
129 After the annunciation - The Light - in concept phase - reservation/commission possible
0127 Before the annunciation - The Window
80,0 x 60,0  cm Oil on poplar wood
Its painting 3 of a serial of works reffering to the annunciation theme.
Stan Bert Singer created 2019 - ongoing

Sales of the painting: 

The picture is already offered for sale or/and preview. If you are a fan of old masters technique this painting is the right masterpiece for you.

The sales price is for the finished picture. Approximately in 3 months. Exact purchase modalities, down payments after agreement.

yours Stan Bert Singer

Status: finished
price: €19.000.-


0127 Vor der Verkündigung Das Fenster gerahmt (1).jpg
0127 Doku o17 Automatik 1.JPG
0127 Before the annunciation - The Windo
The painting was done in a classically layer technique beginning with an umbra underpainting or dead laye.r