011 The Brother of the Sphinxface
Inspired by the painting "Ein Sphinxgesicht"
50,0 x 70,0 cm Oil on canvans
Stan Bert Singer created betweeen 2009
Status: 100% finished price: 12.000€

Information about the painting:

This is a Painting is one of my first painting which I made in "normally" oil painting technique. It is inspired by Leopold Carl Müller, and the orient painting of the 1End of the 19th century.


Status of the picture:

The painting is 100% complete. It has already a light varnish put on 11/2020


Sale of the painting: 

If you are an art lover of the orient painting period this is the right choice for you.

Exact purchase modalities, down payments after agreement.


Stan Bert Singer


Brother of sphinxface.JPG