About Stan Bert Singer:

Ability and mastership

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Education in architecture and drawing, as well as in painting, which I received at the University of Vienna at Karlsplatz. For many years I have been working as an artist as a painter. My focus in painting is the human body, especially the face. A good artist has to be more than just realizing or just expressing himself.

Unfortunately today the emphasis is only on expressiveness and less on skill. But art, true art comes from ability. A good artist always has 3 qualities: mastership or ability, expression and the dispatch (message).  Today unfortunately only the message counts. For me this is too little and too banal, that's why I have been painting in the old master technique for several years and more recently in the Dietro Aria technique I developed.

Stan Bert Singer receives oil portrait commissions from clients around the globe, and his work is shown in numerous of web sites.

In my own words about the sujets:

Beside my commission works and portraits, my paintings represent the beauty, the spirit but also the suffering of woman.

I am inspired by erotic fotos, as well as old masters. Very important to me is the recollection that women are not commodities - by showing only apparently erotic, but by working with the medium of oil, an increase of the woman to the work of art is accomplished. The "commodity" goes, the art remains. 


My paintings are statements that are a reflection of the world around!

Many of these statements are timeless, so I sometimes use Old Master Sujets.


Time, erotic - dignity - these are the timeless themes I am working with.

stan bert singer

Vienna 2020

Only skill and mastery are the prerequisites for a truly masterful work. Therefore I take up the cudgels for all artists who are still interested in true mastery and who take the hard way. Of course, the temptation is simply to grease something on the canvas and sell it for good money. But here there are two deceived people, the artist and the art buyer, who are satisfied with the tepid, when there is much more than just „tepid“ in this world we can achieve.


The expression in the sense of the represented expression and not what the artist wanted to express, but unfortunately cannot be seen on the artwork, is what it is really about. Unfortunately, there are too many artists on the market who would do better to do something else, because this is the only way to explain that many of today's "paintings" are more and more accompanied by attached explanations of what the artist actually meant, or wanted to say, or has to be supplemented. A true masterpiece needs no explanations. The work speaks for itself. If not, the artist would do well to put away his brush.


The message is on the picture or not very simple. If it's not on the picture, you need descriptions - then it's bad art, or at least not good art.